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Guess Whose Tender Loins El DeBarge Was Chopping Down Up Until Recently??

The guy has no choice but to keep the child.

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Who is Chico DeBarge dating right now?

Check out my blog; book of ra kostenlos downloaden:: Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back later on. I want to encourage that you continue your great writing, have a nice weekend! Friday, September 24, Chico Debarge: After nine years of marriage, Andrea and Chico DeBarge are going through a very messy divorce.

Chico Debarge ex-wife wrote a open letter addressed to all of his mistresses and allowed HollywoodStreetKing. I am a little disappointed by these women who think its okay to date, have sex, and consider a married man her boyfriend. I can see, maybe you made a mistake, but to carry on and take it public knowing when this man has a wife at home. You actually should be grateful to me that you did not have to suffer a failed marriage since women like you are like predators lying in wait.

I am disappointed that my marriage failed and with the women who participated with my husband to ensure that it would. I am thankfully through the pain and shame of having been with such a person who had no regard for his family. Do not think you will continue to belittle my marriage in the public eye without some recourse especially when my children are watching. They have and were a product of a marriage based upon love. See children watch and they question, as mine are doing now wondering.

The lack of consideration for them is making me emerge from the shadows and speak. You should have left well enough alone by keeping your affair what it is supposed to be; a secretive dishonorable act. She knew I was living in Michigan in a home with my husband and children. The fact is I married Dec 14, and did not separate from my spouse until Anything within those years is what they call an affair, fornication, cheating, etc.

After the separation there were many of talks for reconciliation but without trust of my spouse and women, it was a waste of time. I am coming forth to show my children that their mother did not allow these women and their father to do these things, and to let them know that I thought I was in a relationship with an honorable person. I did not find out about all these affairs until I separated and many started revealing afterwards. Thank goodness because the pain of what I did know was enough and God knew I probably was not ready for all the dirty details that were to unfold.

My children need to know that I am not a doormat and that I have kept quiet to protect them and honor their privacy. I am a quiet, private individual who wishes not to indulge in these public displays of idiocy, but I am a MOTHER who will battle with anyone whom opposes the pride of my children. My marriage vows meant something to me and I did whatever it took to make it work.

I believed my husband when everything sounded so unbelievable. I stayed; I tried over and over again. My children are going to be left with the truth that I did what is right to save my marriage and it did not work out for us. My girls will know the blessings of being a good wife and the shame of being a Jezebel. What happened in my marriage is unfortunate but it will not be a trouble you have to constantly through in their face whenever you get a chance to sit down and write or talk about their father.

God forgives all and through him, I can forgive but again, I am a warrior and in my battle stance for as long as its necessary. Posted by Tarrese Thompkins at Anonymous September 24, at 3: Anonymous October 7, at Anonymous September 27, at 6: Anonymous September 27, at 9: Anonymous October 1, at Anonymous October 2, at 8: Anonymous August 4, at 3: Anonymous October 2, at 5: Anonymous October 8, at 5: Anonymous October 8, at 6: Anonymous November 21, at 5: Anonymous January 18, at 1: Anonymous January 1, at 9: Anonymous April 5, at Anonymous April 5, at 3: However, he was imprisoned for drug charges not long after and served time in prison for drug trafficking.

After his release in the mids, DeBarge returned to Motown to continue his musical career under the auspices of Kedar Massenberg and his neo-soul pioneering label imprint Kedar Entertainment. His third album Long Time No See was released in November 18, to critical acclaim and was preceded by the single "Iggin' Me" which garnered considerable airplay.

The album would spawn three additional singles: His fourth album The Game was released on October 26, and peaked at 41 on the Billboard A third single which did not appear on the album , "Playa Hater" was released in He later moved to the independent record label , Koch Records , where he released 's Free which peaked at 43 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

It featured the single "Home Alone" which garnered some airplay. Its funny-I saw him in my apartment building here in North Hills, cA on Christmas morning-I even took the picture of him and my neighbor and he looked good-When he was doing drugs, he would come and sing in the building! I hope he gets it together!!

Birds of a feather , that what they say? I dont think chilli is interested but , she wants more kids just by a good baby father. Mayweather could lock it down but he got too much drama right now. I got you baby. When u start listening 2 anything Sandra Rose says out of her mouth, get your head examined!! Nobody in the industry likes her and she lies all the time on her blogs.

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